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Our history
  • Goychay-Sud OJSC was established in 1998 on the basis of the existing Goychay Dairy Plant jointly with Milk Pro LLC. At the time of privatization, the enterprise was almost non-existent and employed only 8 people. The main reason for this was that the existing technological equipment was very old and it was impossible to produce competitive products that meet modern requirements. In this situation, the shareholders first of all began to work to equip the enterprise with new technological equipment, and created the project "Production of dairy products and fruit juices in Azerbaijan." As a result of the project, the production building, office building and infrastructure were overhauled, and in November 2000, two leasing agreements were signed with the Swedish company Tetra Laval Credit AB for the purchase of equipment worth $ 3 million. In June 2013, for the first time in Azerbaijan, natural cow's milk and milky fruit cocktails in different fats in Tetra Brick Aseptic packages were launched, and in October of the same year, mass production of fruit juices began. In 2002, the "White Cheese" production area was put into operation.

  • In parallel with this work, a modern laboratory was established, which is an important factor in controlling the quality of the product to be released. The laboratory is accredited by the State Committee for Standardization, Metrology and Patents of the Republic of Azerbaijan.

  • Thus, “Goychay-Sud” Open Joint-Stock Company has been put into full operation by completing the minimum initial tasks on the project.


Our Production Area

The main activity of the enterprise was the production of dairy products and fruit juices. The main raw materials of the enterprise are natural cow's milk and fruits grown in our country. Shipped to countries such as Moldova, Belarus, New Zealand and Israel.
The plant has a production line of two Tetra Pak flow lines, each with a capacity of 6 tons of milk or fruit juice per hour, and a fully automated flow line that packs 4 tons of fruit juice per hour in glass bottles, a workshop set up by Turkish Alfa-Tek and Ortinox and two refrigerators with a total capacity of 200 tons, as well as a production facility for the production of fruit juice concentrate, built by the Italian company Padovan TMCI, equipped with the latest equipment to meet the needs of our foreign customers.