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"Goychay-Sud"  Open Joint-Stock Company is one of the first enterprises established in Azerbaijan to produce dairy products, fruit juices and nectars. The enterprise is located in Goychay.

At present, Goychay-Süd OJSC meets the quality and modern requirements under the brands “Sevimli-Dad”, “Çanax” (dairy products), “4U”, “GARNET”, “SONTI” (fruit juices and nectars, concentrates). produces more than a dozen dairy products and fruit juices. The products are manufactured on equipment made in Sweden and Italy.

Our company is active in both domestic and foreign markets. The fruit juices and nectars we produce are currently successfully sold in the markets of Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Estonia and other Baltic countries, as well as Canada and New Zealand. 

Goychay-Sud OJSC produces a wide range of high-quality dairy products from natural milk and products from fruits grown in the territory of the Republic. Our enterprise is already known for its quality products in Azerbaijan and a number of foreign countries. The range and quality of our products is increasing year by year and gaining the sympathy of buyers. We are engaged not only in the production of products, but also in the creation of a quality raw material base.

The work carried out by Goychay-Sud OJSC on quality covers all areas, from the supply of raw materials to the sale of products. Our goal is to deliver high quality natural milk and fruit products to buyers, to become an unconditional leader in this field with a great reputation in Azerbaijan, to create a minimum of quality, to expand the geography of activities and become a world-renowned company.